Ace 250 Metal Detector Treasure Hunter Pack

Ace 250 Metal Detector Treasure Hunter Pack Heavy-duty treasure hunters would love the treasure hunter package from Garrett. It virtually consists of everything a detector hobbyist needs to seek the secrets of the soil. The comprehensive package includes a good digging tool, a treasure pouch, an arm strap, 4 AA batteries, and the headphones besides the detector. You do not have to arrange for anything extra. Just haul the ACE 250 TREASURE HUNTER PACK to the terrain you want to investigate and keep making discoveries. The Ace 250 metal detector has all the advanced features you need to detect good metal presence underground.


  • It is a complete package with the digging tool and the treasure pouch.
  • The adjustable sensitivity and depth setting effectively helps to fine tune your search.
  • It also incorporates custom notch discrimination and pinpointing features. Find what you want at exactly where you want.
  • It is a design made for the rugged outdoors.
  • The 6.5” x 9” search coil is waterproof and thereby perfect to lookout for hidden metal in marshy lands and the beaches.
  • It is a lightweight item at 2.7 lbs and the adjustable arm cuff provides excellent handling advantage.
  • The headphones let you search even in a noisy ambiance.
  • The detector features an easy-read LCD screen.


  • It is an amazing device to do some deep searching. The enhanced depth sensitivity makes it ideal to look down deep below.
  • The discrimination system allows you to fine tune the search, avoiding the soda pop up flaps and rusty nails.
  • Five search modes get you into a consuming treasure hunting mood.
  • The pinpointing feature locates the exact position of the buried object. A good digging tool is available with the package.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Just pack the components in a bag and you are ready to take it on long hauls.
  • It sports a well-visible LCD screen displaying all results clearly.
  • You do not have to buy the headphones and first batteries separately. These items are already present in the package.


  • It does not work well in salt water areas. Some users report of false signals from the water sodium content. However, this is commonly the case with some of the on the market as well.
  • New users may need some time to understand the calibrations. However, the ACE 250 METAL DETECTOR TREASURE HUNTER PACK includes an instruction manual.
  • It is relatively expensive compared to competitor products like .
  • The LCD display does not have illumination and brightness control features. Nevertheless, it offers a wide visual.



This is the best package you can get if you are into serious metal hunting. Garrett packs in a good amount of sturdiness and a rugged look, unlike many other models with ‘fancy’ designs. The detector itself looks heavy-duty, and performs according to expectations. Once you can handle the calibrations nicely, you can fine tune the search to discover amazing stuff. Finding an old piece of silver jewelry in the woods comes with a happiness that will get you to appreciate the detector even more.

Ace 250 Treasure Hunter Pack
88 Overall

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