Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II The Bounty Hunter QD2GWP Quick Draw II gets metal detector hobbyists into one of the most consuming treasure hunting experiments. It is really amazing what a metal detector can unearth. Unless you use one, you never get to know the treasury hidden underground! Just checking out your own lawn and backyard may find you a long-lost silver trinket you forgot. The 8 inch interchangeable waterproof coil can perfectly suffice beach metal hunting and looking up the low marshlands.

The Quick Draw II, being a decent model as it is, is not one of the best models we have reviewed so far. You can check out or simply read our or reviews for better alternatives.


  • The detector has an advanced digital mechanism to eliminate false signals and save you from disappointment.
  • The 8 inches interchangeable coil is waterproof.
  • Adjust the detector sensitivity to find deeply buried metallic objects. The discrimination control allows further fine tuning.
  • Two 9-volt electronic batteries supply power.
  • It can detect up to a 3 feet range.
  • It features a neat LCD display with depth readout and target identification features.
  • Headphone jack helps you to search even in noisy streets.
  • The delivery package includes a storage pouch.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • The superb discrimination controls avoids the frustration of finding a soda can pop up or rusted nails. If you want to look for coins only, set the calibration and resume treasure hunting.
  • It can locate coin shapes up to 8 inches so that you have your bounty bag jingling at the end of a detection day at the park.
  • It can locate large metallic objects up to 3 feet underground. Keep your digging tools handy to get to the concealed surprise. It can be anything!
  • It is waterproof.
  • The handy LCD display is very useful.
  • It arrives with a handy travel pouch.
  • The adjustable shaft makes it easy to use for both kids and adults.


  • You have to buy the headphones and the batteries separately. If you don’t want the hassle, you can check out our other metal detector reviews to find models that come with headphones and batteries.
  • Some users complain it does not work so nice in water as on the ground. It may not be the best device to use on the beach.
  • It does not have a false alarm system. The sodium in the water and the minerals in the soil raise false alarms sometimes. However, sensitivity adjusting can solve this issue.



Ecstatic user reviews note the fascinating items located by the Bounty Hunter QD2GWP Quick Draw II detector. Bullets seem to be common finds, and you can often discover jewelry trinkets. Coin hunters can go crazy with this bounty appliance. A single trip at the park can get you a pocketful of coins on a lucky day. Someone reported to find an old pocket watch underground. That must have been a really amazing experience! Overall, it is a good model for hobbyists looking for a mid range device on the ground.

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II
83 Overall

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