Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector modelsBounty Hunter is another well-known brand in the hobby metal detector industry. Although the brand’s models are usually considered to be below-par when compared with similar models from brands like Garrett and Whites, one thing they do well is to offer affordable alternatives for hobbyists that do not have the budget for high ticket items. And despite the lower prices, Bounty Hunter detectors can offer comparable performance. So, if you are on a budget and don’t want to break the bank while taking your first steps to becoming a successful treasure hunter, one of the models we listed below can be your ticket to start your journey.

Bounty Hunter detector segments

Bounty Hunter offers numerous models in 7 main segments. Most of the products they offer cost less than those offered by other brands in the same segment, so any one of the below can be a great budget alternative. For convenience, we will group them under 3 main categories.

Starter Models

The brand’s starter models include Junior, VLF and Gold Digger. The Junior is a little more than a toy that can be suitable as a present for kids interested in going on treasure hunting trips with their parents. VLF and Gold Digger are a bit more advanced with useful features like automatic ground balance, trash elimination and discrimination. Usually sold for under $100, both models can be a good starting point.

Intermediate Models

These include the Fast Tracker, Tracker II, Tracker IV and Quick Silver. As intermediate models marketed with price tags under two hundred bucks, they offer good functionality with 2 to 3 audio tones, digital target identification, one touch discrimination and depth control.

Advanced and Pro Models

Bounty Hunter offers quite a few advanced and pro-level models including the Land Star, Sharp Shooter II, Camo-LS, Time Ranger, Lone Star and Quick Draw II. With prices ranging from about $150+ to $600+, these models offer various advanced features like multiple segments of visual identification, multiple (2 to 4) audio discrimination tones, digital depth indicator, various notch settings and auto ground balancing.

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