Fisher F2

Fisher F2 Metal Detector Fisher is a reputable brand when it comes to metal detectors, and the F2 is a good example of the brand’s rightful reputation. It is a decent machine that strikes a good balance between price, functionality and ease of use. If you are looking for a lightweight, fairly accurate and easy to use detector with most of the basic functions you would expect, Fisher F2 will be worth considering. It comes with a plethora of nice features including waterproof search coils, visual id displays, coin depth indicator, and multiple tones which are found only in .


  • 8 segments of visual target identification
  • 4-tone audio identification
  • Fast target determination
  • Numeric values indicating the type of target
  • Pinpoint feature with depth readout (displayed on screen)
  • The motion search mode includes coin depth indicator
  • 8″ and 4” search coils
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to understand and use notch system for accepting or rejecting targets
  • 9 volt alkaline batteries included
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Works exceptionally well for coin shooting. It can find coins even on wet sand and underwater; so, if you will mostly be looking for coins, and want a reasonably priced, entry-level detector, you can be pretty happy with Fisher F2. However, don’t expect to find gold rings and such on beaches with this machine.
  • The two coils that come with the detector (one 8 inch and one 4 inch coil) offer great versatility. The 8 inch coil can be used as an all-purpose coil, while the 4 inch can be used on heavily mineralized soil to eliminate most of the trash the machine will end up detecting
  • The pin point feature is pretty accurate despite the fact that the pin pointer is made in China (see the cons section)
  • Visual IDs allow easy elimination of junk from valuable finds. At first, you will get some junk that shows up as a coin or something, but after a few uses, you will notice that the numeric values tend to jump all around for junk; for example, you will find that the coins will give you 25 every time, but most junk will be all over the place like 29, 28, etc. After a while, you will learn to quickly notice and disregard those which will make your hunting sessions a lot more enjoyable and efficient
  • The recovery time is pretty short, which means you can keep swinging the coil without missing any potential finds. We think this is one of the most important features that separate the good detectors from the bad no matter at which price range they are.


  • The pin pointer is made in China, so it’s low quality; you may need/opt to buy a separate pin pointer if you want better performance. But again, it’s better than nothing, and seems to be working nicely most of the time.
  • Some users complain about the detection depth (there was even one user we have seen who said he couldn’t detect coins at 3 inches); however, experience tells us that most of the time these complaints are caused by inexperience of the users rather than an actual problem with the machine.



Fisher F2 metal detector (with pin pointer) is a decent machine that offers good value for its price. It is definitely a good choice for beginners and can last and be used for quite some time until you decide it’s time to buy a more advanced and better detector like or . We believe most beginners will be very happy with this model.

Fisher F2
85 Overall

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