Fisher F4

Fisher F4 Metal Detector Fisher F4 metal detector is one of the brand’s mid-segment products that offer a lot of functionality and features, especially for beginners and those who love coin shooting. It incorporates Fisher’s general production quality with some advanced features like notch discrimination and elimination, 4 audio tones and manual ground balancing. The machine is also pretty lightweight and well-balanced, making it easy and effortless to carry and swing around in prolonged hunting sessions. With all that said, if you are willing to spend about four hundred bucks for a metal detector, you may want to check out the model we recommend at the bottom of this page which happens to be one of the best metal detectors we have reviewed so far (you can ).


  • Manual ground balance
  • Visual target id by category
  • Numeric readout
  • 11 segment digital target id for better elimination of junk
  • 4 audio tones
  • One touch notch
  • Pinpoint with numeric depth readout
  • 11 inch search coil (Bi-Axial)
  • All-Metal and Discrimination modes
  • Weighs about 2.6 pounds
  • 5-year warranty


  • One of the first things that we noticed about the F4 is that it offers both category ID and a numeric readout which cater to both beginners and more seasoned hobbyists. The numeric readout offers a lot more precision in terms of eliminating the junk and seeing the exact type of object detected, some beginners may find it a hard to grasp at first, at which point the category ID comes in as a more beginner-friendly feature. Although it will cause some unnecessary digs, it goes with learning to use the device properly. If you are a beginner, you will rapidly outgrow the Category ID and start using and enjoying the precision of the numeric readout.
  • 4 audio tones make discriminating between finds easier without the need to look at the display.
  • The pin pointer can be activated easily and will provide a very accurate depth reading. This is a nice feature that eliminates the need to buy and use a separate pin pointer.
  • The notching feature is very nice. You can simply eliminate any kind of object using this option (either putting the item in front of the coil and then pressing the notch button or enter the items you want to reject manually. Once set up correctly, this feature will save you a lot of time and make your hunting sessions much more effective.
  • F4 can find small objects as deep as 8 inches with great accuracy.
  • It works very quietly until it finds something, and then the 4 tones make it easy to discern what you actually found.
  • The manual ground balancing make it easy to detect valuables even in highly mineralized soil once you get used to it and learn to adjust it correctly.


  • Fisher F4’s frequency is at the low end of the spectrum at only 5.9 kHz. As a result, it’s not very good in discriminating gold, especially in mineral-heavy areas. You can easily miss small gold nuggets.



All in all, Fisher F4 metal detector is a good and reliable machine, but it lacks some of the features and the accuracy of another model that is sold at the same price range: White’s Treasure Pro. Hence, if you are prepared to take the next step in treasure hunting and/or upgrade your entry level detector, we strongly recommend you check out before making your purchase decision.

Fisher F4
86 Overall

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