Fisher Metal Detectors

Fisher metal detectorsFisher Research Labs are one of the most-established and reputable brands in the metal detecting industry, and have always offered high quality metal detectors that cater to different needs from coin shooting to relic hunting. Fisher detectors are appreciated by both beginners and more seasoned treasure hunters for a plethora of reasons including depth, noise cancellation, discrimination, ground penetration, ergonomics and ease of use. Their models are comparable to like those from and .

In addition to offering a wide range of detectors from the F-Series which covers all kinds of needs from beginner level machines to more advanced models like the F75, to the Gold Bug series that offer special products for gold prospecting and underwater detectors that are a class of their own, Fisher Labs also serves the hobbyists with various accessories including search coils and digging tools.

Fisher F Series

Fisher’s most popular product group, the F-Series offers everything you would need from beginner models like to more advanced models like the and the cutting-edge models like F75 and F75 Ltd which are more suited for seasoned treasure hunters. These high-end detectors include features like multiple all-metal modes, adjustable discrimination and notch features, manual and/or automatic ground balancing, advanced noise cancellation, more than 40 hours of battery life and a great selection of 6 different search coils. All in all, the F series, and especially the F75 family can be considered some of the best metal detector models the market has to offer.

The Gold Bug series

In addition to the general/multi-purpose F series, Fisher Research Labs also offer the Gold Bug series that are suited for gold prospecting and relic hunting. Gold Bug’s advanced features like multi-tone audio ID system that discriminates gold from other metals, and the accurate visual ID provides tremendous convenience for gold prospectors, effectively letting them get to gold nuggets without digging for hours to find only useless pieces of iron.

Underwater Detectors

One of Fisher’s areas of expertise is the underwater detectors that can be used in both salt- and fresh-water. The brand’s two models 1280X (for fresh water) and CZ-21 (for saltwater) are highly regarded by treasure hunters who hunt for all kinds of relics in underwater settings. These two models are equipped with high-end features and provide maximum convenience as it is the case with most of the brand’s products.


In addition to their metal detectors, also offer a complete range of accessories that will help you during your hunts. From carrying bags and sand scoops to headphones, shovels, gold picks and digging knives, Fisher has everything required to get you geared up like a pro.

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