Garrett Ace 250

Garrett Ace 250 Do you know a ghost town in a desert? Take the Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector with you in the abandoned grounds to find amazing treasures from a forgotten past. You never know the secrets hidden underground unless you begin using this amazing detector device. It is one of the most advanced models in the market, offering a significantly large 10” scan area coupled with a pinpointing feature. It is definitely of the at this price range, although you may want to check out other models like or (if you have the budget) for more advanced features.

Take the detector to the beach to find all the old coins lost and forgotten. The excitement of finding something special with a detector keeps treasure seekers busy with the device whenever they have the time. Start with your own lawn, and take it to places where you suspect the soil holds secrets.


  • The 10” wide scan area delivers powerful results for accurate scanning.
  • The electronic pinpoint feature marks the exact location where you need to dig, saving you a lot of time.
  • The coin depth gauge tells how much you need to look down under and retrieve the discovered metal.
  • It features a 12-element notch discrimination to find out just about any metal with ease.
  • The graphic target ID provides full information of your find.
  • It operates on a touch and go technology, making it super easy to use.
  • It is available with a headphone jack so that you can listen to the signals without alerting anybody. This makes it a great appliance for private treasure hunts.


  • Garrett Ace 250 is a lightweight model weighing around 4.5 lbs making it easy to handle.
  • It offers one of the most aggressive and rugged detectors suitable for any kind of ground conditions.
  • The submersible search coil allows you to look inside shallow waterbeds for treasures you cannot imagine!
  • The custom 12 point notch discrimination allows you to look up exactly what you need to find. If you want to look for silver, just adjust the notch to the right settings and that does it.
  • It is a great appliance to find precious metals even.
  • The pinpointing features help you to find exactly where you need to look out.
  • The adjustable sensitivity and depth setting assist in fine tuning the search with accuracy.
  • The rigid arm brace holds the detector nicely to the hand.


  • It is a relatively pricey device compared to other hobby detectors. Even then, it is cheaper than many other high-end products. At a medium budget-range, it is a good buy.
  • The instruction manual does not state clearly how deep you can seek. However, users report finding metal objects even up to 8” underground.
  • It does not prevent signals from ground mineralization unless you adjust the settings to a low level.



By an unbiased professional overview, the Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector is definitely a neat and handy appliance to go about treasure hunting. Just take it to your nearby park and return home rich with lost coins and rings. Search along the shoreline and low marshy areas for finds that you can never expect otherwise.

Garrett Ace 250
86 Overall

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