Garrett Ace 350

Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Garrett Ace 350 metal detector is the ideal metal detector for beginner and intermediate level treasure hunters. We found this detector to be on the sweet spot between reasonable price and efficient features. It costs a little bit more than lower quality items, yet it provides much better performance when compared to them. It’s also a lot cheaper than medium/high level detectors, yet it offers pretty much the same functionality with only a few shortcomings that won’t affect your experience much. Along with Whites , we find Ace 350 to be one of the currently available at this range.


  • Double-D search coil: Ace 350’s advanced search coil offers better performance in mineralized grounds and better detection depth
  • High frequency detection makes it equally easy to detect large and small objects
  • Headphones included with the set
  • Electronic pinpointing for more precise detection (though we would recommend buying a separate pin pointer for even better performance, especially if you are serious about your hobby)
  • Enhanced Iron Resolution that helps discriminate valuable finds from junk
  • Adjustable discrimination patterns
  • Coin depth indicator
  • Battery indicator
  • 5 search modes (custom, jewelry, relics, coins, all metal) plus electronic pinpointing
  • Interchangeable ACE series search coils


  • Easy to use discrimination settings – you can easily learn how to reject junk without ever being disturbed by the sound
  • Accurate depth indicator – Ace 350 can find multiple coins in close proximity to each other and display their depth accurately
  • If you are a beginner and will be hunting mostly for coins at first, this is as easy as it gets; you just turn it on, set the coin mode and start right away
  • It works beautifully on dry sand and fresh water; so if you are looking for a detector to go hunting on the beach with, this may well be it
  • Garrett did a good job in making this unit lightweight and well-balanced; if you will be going on rather long hunting trips, the lower weight and balance will prove invaluable
  • It can find coins and jewelry as deep as 12 to 13 inches (especially with fully charged batteries)
  • The battery life is very impressive; you can get 20 hours of hunting from normal AA batteries


  • Although the coil is waterproof, you may find the detector a bit inconsistent in salty water (it reacts to the minerals and can give false positives quite often
  • It may take some getting used to at first (especially if metal detecting/treasure hunting is a new hobby for you); but once you get used to it and learn how to use its features, you won’t look back for a long while



Garrett ACE 350 metal detector is an ideal model for both beginners and more advanced treasure hunters who look for a better replacement for their older/less advanced metal detectors. It offers a perfect balance between price, usability and functionality and we genuinely believe that you won’t regret your decision if you opt to go with this model. Strongly recommended.

Garrett Ace 350
91 Overall

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