Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal DetectorsWhen Charles and Eleanor Garrett started marketing their first metal detectors in 1964, they probably didn’t see the brand becoming a favorite among treasure hunters around the country. Today, after more than 50 years since that time, the brand continues to offer high quality, reliable metal detector models that are used and appreciated by thousands of hobbyists. Most of their models are on par with (if not better than) the top products of other well-known and respected brands like Whites and Fisher.

Garrett always aims to provide better than average models that offer features usually not found at their price range. The brand’s detector models are suitable for the harshest of outdoor conditions with their rugged design and are backed up by the company’s unwavering strive for customer satisfaction. We have heard and read about a lot of good customer service stories over the years, and trust the Garrett brand to keep serving their customers with the same level of dedication for many years to come.

We are pleased to say that almost all Garrett models received high ratings from us (as well as hundreds of actual users and other review sites like ours) and are feature among the top models in each level/category they are rated in. The company’s drive for providing high quality products is evident in each and every one of their models, including their most popular Ace series.

Garrett’s three base models, Ace 150, Ace 250 and Ace 350 are very decent alternatives for a large group of users ranging from complete beginners to more advanced treasure hunters looking for more refined performance. In addition, the brand’s very popular AT Pro model takes everything one step further and offers a wonderful experience for treasure hunters who are not satisfy with the treasure buried under the earth and set their aims at underwater relics. This model’s underwater target ID feature which produces visual indications and audio tones is marvelous (and frankly something that you can’t find in every other underwater detector out there).

After seeing and reviewing quite a few metal detectors, we can safely say that Garrett metal detector models definitely deserve consideration. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, Garrett almost always has an above-average model to offer you. Jam-packed with advanced features, nicely-designed (and made in the US too), and easy to use, Garrett models will certainly add enjoyment, convenience and efficiency to your treasure hunting trips.

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