Whites Coinmaster

Whites Coinmaster Metal Detector If you are looking for a beginner level metal detector, Whites Coinmaster can be a viable choice. Although it’s not as good or offers as many advanced features as models like , it is comparable in performance with most of the entry level models and can be a good investment to kick start your treasure hunting experience.


  • Target-ID display
  • 5-Range discrimination feature
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Water resistant control box
  • All-metal mode
  • Pinpoint mode
  • Depth reading
  • 9” search coil
  • 1/4″ headphone jack
  • 2 9V batteries included
  • Adjustable length
  • 8 kHz frequency


  • Coinmaster is very beginner friendly as you can fire it up almost instantly without being bogged down with complicated sensitivity or ground balance settings. And it also provides a degree of flexibility: as you get more experienced, you can adjust all the settings as you desire.
  • The detector is quite easy to assemble; you will most likely be done with it within 5 to 10 minutes after opening the box
  • It can detect metals down to a depth of 8 inches (given that the soil is not too mineralized)
  • Coinmaster offers two discrimination aids: the Tone ID which produces a tone depending on the target detected and the visual display indicator that displays a number based on the type of find. After using the detector a few times, you will get used to the visual display and get better and better at ignoring false positives like bottle caps (hint: when you detect junk like bottle caps, the displayed number tends to jump around a lot, and you will get the grips very fast once you start seeing it in action)
  • The batteries are placed under the elbow area which makes the detector pretty well balanced; although the detector isn’t very lightweight, the balance makes it quite suitable for long treasure hunting sessions
  • Once you find something, you can hit the pinpoint mode (which automatically puts the detector in all metal mode) and can get a pretty accurate depth reading, effectively cutting the time required to dig and get to your target


  • One of the problems with Whites Coinmaster is the recovery time (which means the time it takes for the detector to reset and start detecting again after a find). It takes a bit longer than most other models we have reviewed, so you can miss potential finds if they are in close proximity to each other; you may walk past potentially valuable finds
  • As with most metal detectors, you will definitely need headphones if you plan to use it for any length of time; the tones it produces can be pretty annoying for people around you, so make sure you get a set of headphones before heading out with it (unfortunately, it doesn’t come with headphones like some other models)
  • If you will be hunting on heavily mineralized areas, you will get a lot of false positives. But to be frank, this will also be the case with most beginner level machines, so don’t hold it against Whites too much



If this will be your first metal detector, then you may as well go with the Whites Coinmaster as it will provide comparable performance with other entry level machines. It is a very suitable model if you are a complete beginner (and especially if you don’t want to mess with complicated settings); you can just assemble it and hit the park. However, if you already have some experience and don’t mind spending a little more, you may also want to check out or . Either of these models may turn out to be a better investment for you.

Whites Coinmaster
81 Overall

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