Whites Metal Detectors

Whites Metal DetectorWhites have been manufacturing a wide range of since 1950, and has always offered top of the line products in each segment. From beginner models suited for new hobbyists who are about to get their feet wet for the first time to specialty models that can detect large objects as deep as 20 feet, Whites offers very decent and reasonably priced alternatives.

Features offered by Whites Detectors

Whites models range from the basic model to more advanced models like the TDI and the Beach Hunter. While most of these models can be used for a multitude of purposes, some are specialized for specific uses like underwater or beach usage, gold nugget hunting or prospecting, finding deeply buried targets, and even finding pipes and property stakes.

However, regardless of their specific purpose, almost all Whites models offer everything you would expect from any good metal detector model: lightweight and well-balanced builds, notch feature, discrimination, pin pointing and accurate depth indication, multiple audio tones, numerical target IDs, and so on. When you get past the entry level models and get to the likes of TreasureMaster and Treasure Pro, you will also find a lot of more advanced features including automatic ground balancing, threshold settings and pre-set programs suitable for finding various types of targets.

Special Mention: Whites Treasure Pro

We wanted to give Whites some kind of special treatment here, as it deserves it. Although it is marketed as a beginner model, we believe it is one of the most underrated models that offer some pretty incredible features for its price range. You can check out our thorough review here to see what this model has to offer. We believe that both beginners and intermediate level treasure hunters will find this model to be one of the best they can get their hands on without going over the $1,000 price barrier.

While there are quite a few good and respectable brands on the market like and , we believe that deserves a lot of attention as a made in US brand that offers quality and functionality with very reasonable price tags.

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